Work in Progress

new work in progresswork in progresswork in progressHere’s a trio of images of new hand-built work in progress, hope you enjoy,Holly  


Hopper’s House

sjh_8015.jpgI had an incredible experience today and I wish all of you had been there with me. I went on a photo assignment with my husband to photograph Edward Hoppers house in Truro. I stood in his studio, saw his easel with lots of blue and white paint on it, and looked out the same window he painted from. Two of his hats hang from the easel. The light had a clarity to it that I can not describe. The space was tiny. The studio the largest room. A kitchen, bathroom, 1 bedroom and the studio. It was filled light and the outdoors. All you could ever need. Perfect in it’s simplicity. I was thinking how much you all would have loved it.My head is so full of the weekend and now this.Holly