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When a House Breathes

When did a house become a home with a heart and soul? The holder of our collective memories? I can still hear her groans as she fell victim to the sea. She had stood out on Sandy Neck since 1889 weathering countless storms until the second of four powerful Nor’easters took her down. There’s a saying “you can’t fight Mother Nature.”  She never tried. She didn’t resist. She let the water in and out many times over the years. Her old cedar pilings always held firm. This time the water took the path of least resistance and she didn’t have a prayer. She was like a bowling pin in the middle. Knocked down. The others left standing around her. Water takes the path of least resistance. Once it makes it”s mind up there is no stopping it. The storm opened her up and her contents spilled into the sea. We saved some mementoes with the help of friends. Perhaps there are still things to be found in the sand. I think about her out there open and exposed. A shell. I’m not sure we can save her. Give her a chance to rise up from the sea and breathe again.  I have great respect for Mother Nature but we are not going to go down with out a fight.
IMG_2605 SNK

A Vessel for Ashes


I was asked to make a vessel for her mother’s ashes. There was never any question that I would make one. It was an honor. A privilege to be a part of this last journey. I had known her mother all my life. She had cared for me as a child. She was my neighbor. And throughout my career as a Potter, she had been a great supporter of my work.  Her daughter told me there was never any question that she wanted me to make this vessel. She was confident  that whatever I made would be  reflective of her mom. I may have physically crafted this vessel but it’s design came from her spirit watching over the entire process.  I was completely unaware of this while making the piece. It flowed together over the days and when I finished and really looked at it for the first time, I knew she had been with me all  along . A girl who always had sand in her shoes and a seashell in her pocket.

Oyster Love

I love Oysters! I don’t remember when I ate my first one but I think it was in my early twenties. For a Cape Cod girl I was a late bloomer! Now they are a favorite. Especially raw, straight up! So I had to design an Oyster Platter to cradle the little beauties. Oysters get a raw ( no pun intended) deal in the shellfish/ seafood world. They are so craggy and ugly from the outside. But inside the shell is beautiful! All smooth, shiny  and with that beautiful little purple spot. And the Oyster itself is just perfection. All creamy, cool and salty. A taste of the ocean! Pearl or no pearl a thing of beauty. I hope my platter design does them justice!SJH_6131OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA