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Lost and Found?

Kate's Find
Kate’s Find

“Not all who wander are lost?” or is it “All who wander are not lost?” I apologize to the author. Was it Emerson or Thoreau? I know I could goggle it but I’m not going there. I am lost. Not the “good” kind reflected in this quote above. Not the getting lost the beauty of art, music, nature or love. Not the getting lost in a daydream. I’ve lost my way creatively. I’m stuck. Moving neither forward or back. It’s really frustrating, uncomfortable, exhausting and overwhelming. I’ve been here before. It goes with the territory of creative pursuit. So how do I get out of here? Perhaps wandering is the answer.

“Kate’s Find” is a piece inspired by my daughter who is a wanderer in the good sense.


Small Space Big Dreams

Small Space Big Dreams
Small Space Big Dreams

This is my studio. It’s 22 feet by 16 feet. It’s one room.  I’ve got it divided into office, work, glazing, firing, shipping and display areas. Not much has changed in this space except the way I work in it.  I’ve had to adapt, not the space. I don’t mix clay here or fire a large gas or wood kiln. That was past. This is the present. I’ve had a few physical limitations develop over the years. Each time the Doctor said I’d have to give up being a potter. Not an option I’d tell them. I’ll adapt.  I meet people and they ask what I do?”I’m a Potter” I say. Then they say, “I’d love to see your studio.” “Well” I say, “That will take all of 5 minutes tops. It’s little.” I often had dreams of a bigger space. Thankfully that never happened. I would have just filled it up with things I don’t need. It’s my little space for my big dreams. It’s all I’ll ever need.

Oyster Love

I love Oysters! I don’t remember when I ate my first one but I think it was in my early twenties. For a Cape Cod girl I was a late bloomer! Now they are a favorite. Especially raw, straight up! So I had to design an Oyster Platter to cradle the little beauties. Oysters get a raw ( no pun intended) deal in the shellfish/ seafood world. They are so craggy and ugly from the outside. But inside the shell is beautiful! All smooth, shiny  and with that beautiful little purple spot. And the Oyster itself is just perfection. All creamy, cool and salty. A taste of the ocean! Pearl or no pearl a thing of beauty. I hope my platter design does them justice!SJH_6131OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Red Carpet Entrance

This piece started with an idea that was inspired by a small pitcher made of brass. When my Mother passed away I inherited it.  I have no idea where it came from but I have always been drawn to its shape. I set out to make my own version in clay. It took on a life of it’s own resembling the brass version perhaps only in essence. After it came out of the kiln I noticed it had “attitude”. It seemed to take on a feminine persona. “She” had grace with an attitude! So in this season of the Oscars, I think she is striking a pose on the famous Red Carpet!SJH_6122