Small Space Big Dreams

Small Space Big Dreams
Small Space Big Dreams

This is my studio. It’s 22 feet by 16 feet. It’s one room.  I’ve got it divided into office, work, glazing, firing, shipping and display areas. Not much has changed in this space except the way I work in it.  I’ve had to adapt, not the space. I don’t mix clay here or fire a large gas or wood kiln. That was past. This is the present. I’ve had a few physical limitations develop over the years. Each time the Doctor said I’d have to give up being a potter. Not an option I’d tell them. I’ll adapt.  I meet people and they ask what I do?”I’m a Potter” I say. Then they say, “I’d love to see your studio.” “Well” I say, “That will take all of 5 minutes tops. It’s little.” I often had dreams of a bigger space. Thankfully that never happened. I would have just filled it up with things I don’t need. It’s my little space for my big dreams. It’s all I’ll ever need.


One thought on “Small Space Big Dreams”

  1. i love your studio 🙂 and am so happy you are still creating! saw some of your new items at little beach gallery- beautiful!!! 🙂

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