Red Carpet Entrance

This piece started with an idea that was inspired by a small pitcher made of brass. When my Mother passed away I inherited it.  I have no idea where it came from but I have always been drawn to its shape. I set out to make my own version in clay. It took on a life of it’s own resembling the brass version perhaps only in essence. After it came out of the kiln I noticed it had “attitude”. It seemed to take on a feminine persona. “She” had grace with an attitude! So in this season of the Oscars, I think she is striking a pose on the famous Red Carpet!SJH_6122


2 thoughts on “Red Carpet Entrance”

  1. Ha that does look like a woman posing. It also looks like a gown and a pitcher- all 3 in one! I am so confused as to this email and posting?

    1. Don’t know if this helps but my blog is set up so that when I write a post anyone who subscribes to my blog gets an email letting them know I’ve posted. Then they can go to my blog, read it there and leave a comment. I appreciate your commenting!

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